Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brinkley's Arrival...

On September 21st we were blessed to welcome our first little one, Miss Brinkley Jane! Dr. C advised us to go to the hospital after calling him with minor pregnancy issues. So we arrived at Winnie Palmer at 11:30am and around 1:00pm found out they were going to admit me! Ike and I were shocked. Thank goodness we had grabbed our bags on the way out. They induced me at 2:05pm and Brinkley was born at 7:09pm! I was so lucky to have an amazing labor and surrounded by many friends and family that were wishing us the best. Our experience with the hospital, their staff and visits from all of our loved ones was incredible!

We were released on Thursday evening and arrived home around 5:30pm! Brinkley had her first doctors appointment on Friday the 24th and we were told she was healthy. No jaundice, passed her hearing test, lost a little weight(which is normal) and great with her reflexes! This was the best feeling walking out knowing she was healthy and happy! That's what we had prayed about for 9 months!

Since her arrival she is getting acclimated at home, spending a ton of time with her grand-parents and visiting with our friends! She definitely is in love with her mommy & daddy...haha at least I am claiming that! My mother is in town for several weeks and been such a help around the house and with her. It's going to be a shock when it's just Ike and I but I have no doubt we will be fine!

We go for our 2 week check up on October 5th so I will keep you posted!

Monday, September 20, 2010

38 Week Check-Up

What a day! Found out this morning that we are definitely progressing forward in our pregnancy and it looks as her arrival could be anytime! I am 100% effaced and 5 cm dilated! Ike and I are so excited but are continuing on our day as normal hoping to meet this sweet little girl soon! I have officially called my parents and sister to head this way and they are super excited! We will keep you posted as things progress! It's crazy that this could be one of the last few days that I can look down at my stomach and talk to her instead of actually holding her! What a bittersweet ending to the last 10 months! Can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

37 Weeks

Yesterday we had our 37 week appointment to find that nothing has really changed since last week! I am still dilated 3cm and 80% effaced. Dr. C said that it could be any day so we are trying to wait patiently, while so excited to meet Miss Brinkley! My anticipation has sparked and it's hard not to constantly be thinking that something is going to happen. Whether I am at work, shopping, at Kyle's football game, etc it's always in the back of my mind..."What if I go into labor here!!!" I have started walking as much as possible and even eating spicy foods but she's just not been ready to grace us yet.

We were able to do the Winnie Palmer hospital tour and pre-register yesterday as well! It was amazing to see the delivery room and where she will be weighed and handed to us for the first time! It really brought everything to reality! It's a remarkable facility and they seem to cater to your every want or need...which I LOVE...lol! Not too much longer!

Although I have been so impatient these last few days, I have also cherished Ike and I's time together! You slowly begin to realize that never again will it just be us! We are so thankful for the past four years and where it's brought us today, as a couple, as soon-to-be parents and as friends! Through our faith and love this little one is going to be so blessed and spoiled rotten!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's the FINAL countdown!!

We are in the final stretch for sure and this mornings doctor appointment made it all more real! Ike an I met with Dr. C and everything seems to be progressing a little faster than her due date. I am dilated at 3cm and Miss Priss is crowned! It really could be any day between now and the end of the month! He said that if she hasn't graced us by the 39th week then there's a high chance I am induced! So, all that being said it's a great thing we did a few maternity pictures last week and am all done with showers and traveling! Everything has been going so wonderful except the nighttime acid reflux that has me pretty sick! But with 3 weeks or less I can handle it! We are just so excited for her arrival that everything else seems to not matter! My bags are packed and hers will be by tonight! So anytime....! Our next appointment is Monday the 13th at 7:50am and then we are off to do the Winnie Palmer hospital tour! Wouldn't that be great timing for her haha! Keep ya posted!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Final Shower #3

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon showering Brinkley and Coleson with all of our girlfriends! We are lucky to have such a close and amazing group that are looking forward to meeting these little ones as much as we are! Our friend Blair and her mother Diana hosted the blue and pink affair and it couldn't have been more precious! Now that the showers are done and we are only a few weeks from our due date, everything is in place, washed up and awaiting her arrival!

I have also been blessed to be have many of the girls going through this with me! Below are our little ones to come in order of due dates! It's about to get really busy around College Park!

Kels and I with our adorable diaper cakes!
Brinkley:Oct. 6th, Coleson:Oct. 21st, Lillie Kate: Nov. 11th, Ben: Nov. 18th, Blake: Dec. 21st, Hadley:Dec. 27th
Our wonderful group of girls...Love them!