Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Completely MORTIFIED!

I assume 99% of the people reading my blog are I feel this hilarious and very embarrassing MOTHER moment has to be shared! Brinkley and I went to the mall on Thursday morning! Ike had Bought me a white watch and I needed to get it sized. So after feeding her in the food court, we headed to Bloomingdale's! I could tell she was working on her "business" so I new it would take about 10 minutes! Which meant, I had time to get my watched sized and then head off to the family restrooms! As I was at the counter and the women were sizing my wrist and oooing and ahhing over Brinks, it HAPPENED! The BLOWOUT! I had only prayed that this would only occur at home or somewhere a little less public but sooner or later my luck had to end! It began to run down the stroller and onto the floor!  Needless to say the oooing and ahhing stopped.  I swear I almost told the lady to keep the watch and run out with a little bit of dignity....instead I quickly got out the wipes made a remark about her spilling her sippy cup (which she didn't even have) and wiped everything up! The sales associate tried the watch one more time with less links and I grabbed it and ran out! It could have been 3 sizes to big, either way I was leaving! By the time I got to the parking lot I had broke into a nervous sweat! I mean MORTIFIED! Could that have occurred at a worst time? Once I got her cleaned, I sat in silence in the car, replaying that this had JUST happened. I began to chuckle at how different things are with a little one and that my dignity was going to test way worse things in the future!

I APPLAUD all you mothers for moments like this!

Brinkley & Cagney Dancing

Credit Card Problems(My FAVORITE video yet)

Brinks Chuckles 7 1/2 Months

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wagon Fun!

I tried out Brinkley's Christmas present yesterday on a walk around College Park and over to Kelsey's for a dip in the pool!  She loved it but on the way home as she was trying to sleep, every small bump would wake her and it wasn't pleasant lol!  I ended up pulling it into the house where she continued her nap!  Whatever keeps her asleep, works for me! 
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Mother's Day Weekend!

A year ago, I kept reminding myself that I was going to be a "MOM"!  I remember thinking it sounded so mature and odd that I was going to be responsible for someone! Of course this holiday has always been a way to say "thank you" to my Mom for all that she does...but after experiencing the other end of MOTHERHOOD for the last 7 Months...WOW I really owe Mom big time!  I finally realize all the time and effort that she put into me.
Waking up with the sound of Brinks chuckles as her and Daddy brought in my presents, is the best Mother's Day present ever!  A HAPPY, HEALTHY BABY!  She has been such a light in my life since I saw the first sonogram over a year ago!  You can't imagine how much you can love someone so tiny and precious!  Every single day I look forward to her peeking over the crib and smiling at me, as I go in to pick her up! This holiday was all that I imagined it would be and I am so BLESSED to call myself a MOMMY!
I hope all of the Mommies had an amazing day!  A HUGE thank you to the ones closest to our hearts: Tammy Jane, Ms. Kelley, Mamaw Essie, Grandma Jo, Nanny, Aunt Ashe-leigh and Aunt Kelsey!  We love you guys and appreciate all of your support and guidance!
Ike and I got a baby sitter on Saturday night so that we could attend our
friends Annual Kentucky Derby Party!  We had so much fun!
Mother's Day evening Grandpa and Grammy kept Brinks so we could go to
dinner for our 2nd Anniversary!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 Years Down...Many More to Go!!!

Ike and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary yesterday!  I can't believe that only two years ago we were in front of family and friends saying our vows to each other!  Not to get too cheesy but I married my one and only!  I always knew it but after throwing Brinks into our family its only shown me what an amazing team we are!  Saying Ike is a great Daddy and husband would be such an understatement!  I am extremely lucky!

Wedding Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, how things have changed!

If I heard it once, then I heard it a hundred times.."Enjoy every second because they grow fast"!  Now I hear myself telling new moms the same thing!  Every new baby we welcome into our group of friends, I stare at them remembering Brinkley was that tiny only 7 Months ago!  Now she's such a big girl!  

She is eating so many different foods from vegetables, meats, fruits and even trying the infant Cherrios( which she can't understand its texture).  Since I am her personal chef, I have to mix foods to gradually introduce new ones. 

We have finally retired the INFANT CARRIER!    I have been looking forward to this day since she was born.  I have luged that thing for 7 Months and it isn't light.  We all know she is extremely long so her legs have dangled off for months.  Of course we still use it in the car, but with her sitting so sturdy she's high chair and shopping cart able! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!  

I consulted with my friend Maribeth the other night about child proofing the house!  Brinkley has began scooting around and is on the verge of crawling...YIKES!  I know...things are about to get busy.  She has already developed several bumps on her little head, so with crawling in the near future, I can only imagine whats to come!

I am loving this age!  Brinkley's personality is so precious. She's such a happy baby and always smiling.  She loves Barney, her bunny Bertie, the pool, she assumes everything is edible, she's much happier on the go and she giggles from the belly!  Sometime I just want to squeeze her, she's so cute!  She has brought Ike and I so much joy we can't describe!  What was life like without her? 

Bertie and Barney

High Chair Time
Playing at Home!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another one bites the dust...YAY!!

With my family living so far from Orlando I have somewhat adopted the Hannigan clan as my own!  I have been able to watch Katie and Alan's relationship grow over the past year and half and these two couldn't be more perfect for each other!  So excited for the future and the Rhine/Hannigan Wedding!!  

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The College Park baby season has ended... least for now!  We have WELCOMED with open arms two beautiful little ones!

Sara and Helen
Tyler David Glomski born April 14, 2011 is the son of Steve and Sara Glomski!  He was 6 pounds and 13 ounces and 19.5 inches!
Baby Tyler

Virginia Katherine Martinez born April 27, 2011 is the daughter of John and Helen Martinez! She was 7 pounds and 7 ounces and 19 inches!
Baby Virginia

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

USC Football Golf Tournament

Ike was asked to play in the USC Football Golf tournament put on by former football players!  So we loaded up the car yet again and went to Columbia for the weekend.  Our friend Jenn had done such a great job of scheduling painting classes for the girls while the guys golfed, and a Bar-B-Que for announcing the winner!  Everything was so nice and it's always great to see our college friends!
In the meantime, Brinkley spent the weekend at my parents house.  She was able to see a lot of our friends and family and came back spoiled spoiled spoiled!!  As if I expected any less!

Art Class

Millennial Masters Trophy