Sunday, April 29, 2012

Double the FUN...or CHAOS!


Ike and I got home from our Bahama Trip on a Tuesday night.  I hadn't yet missed and was a few days from the four week mark so I knew taking a test was like playing with fire, but he talked me into it.  After a family gathering in our master bathroom I began reading the instructions on how accurate these test are when they are several days early.  Ike interrupted my blabbering with an excited shout, " says your PREGNANT"!  We began sharing hugs and kisses and swinging Brinkley around our bedroom.  A family of 3 had just went to 4!!


The next day I called and got Brinkley a monogramed shirt that said, "BIG SISTER" and then began cultivating a plan to tell our families!  We already knew we were getting together with the Crofoot side for Ike's fathers birthday on that Friday night and I would be flying to New York the following weekend for a girls trip with my mom and sister.  How perfect!  

Friday came and Brinkley sported her precious shirt over to their house with a lot of cheers and celebration hugs.  Then the following weekend I met mom and Ashe at baggage claim with a poster of her wearing the shirt!  Shocked but not shocked...a lot of tears were shed.  That afternoon I spent awhile on the phone talking to my father and other friends about the great news!  


I contacted Dr. C the day after I had found out!  His sonogram machine had just retired and he was in the process of getting a new one.  So he told us I could come in around six weeks and listen to the heartbeat, however because it was still early there was a good chance we wouldn't hear anything.  

We went in and within a few minutes and a few sweats...there it was!  Our little new addition!  So I was then scheduled for a new OB appointment at 9 weeks. We would hear the heartbeat again and discuss all the things most ONE CHILD BEARING parents hear.  What I could and couldn't eat, exercise routines, medications, etc.  It went like a charm!  

After three weeks of calling the office to find out when the new machine would be in, they scheduled my appointment.  Thursday morning at 9:15am.  I would be a day shy of 12 weeks and very eager to see a tiny little body growing inside me!  Of all things, Brinkley and I came down with a terrible stomach bug on Tuesday night and post-poned the appointment till Friday at 2:00pm!  Done!  I lined up Kelsey to watch Brinkley and Ike was going to meet me there.  He called me on the way and we briefly discussed what "IF" its twins.  With my father being a fraternal twin, it was always in the back of my mind.  But we laughed it off and went on with our appointment.  

Dr. C took us right in and got started.  The new machine was shining and all I could think about was whether or not it was another sweet girl or a new little boy...NOTHING else crossed my mind.  About two seconds into it he said, "Here's the FIRST one."  WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE FIRST ONE is all that I could get out of my mouth before Ike started saying he thought he saw two little bodies.  We both could have passed out.  I followed this with a ton of OH MY GOSHES and ARE YOU SURE???  TTTTTTWWWWWWIIIIIINNNNNNNSSSSSSSS??????????????   

Our family of 4 just went to 5!  It took about 24 hours for everything to settle in.  We are  double blessed and going to have double the fun!