Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Months

Brinkley just passed the 2 month milestone and is getting bigger by the minute! As of Tuesday November 16th she was 11.05 pounds and 22 inches! Putting her in the 55 percentile for weight and 50 percentile for height! She also got her first rounds of shots which completely broke my heart! She was so happy at the doctors office and the minute they stuck her sweet little legs she screamed bloody murder! Probably the worst feeling I have ever had although it only lasted like 10 seconds!
It's amazing how fast she changes and she begins to develop into a little girl instead of a baby! I am loving watching her smile and bath time is our favorite time of day. She has a BATH, BOTTLE, then BEDTIME which is our saving grace! I have come to the conclusion you can read every book in the world on how to raise an infant but you have to determine what works for your baby and your family!
Motherhood is exactly what everyone says it is! Absolutely the most amazing thing that could ever have happened to me, followed with a lot harder to do anything haha! It doesn't stop me, it just slows me down! I honestly think I packed everything except the kitchen sink to bring her to NC for Thanksgiving, and didn't hardly use any of it!
Thanksgiving in NC with my family!

Well we have had some eventful happenings in the past week! Our friends Catharine McKellar and Chase Freeman got engaged and Brinkley's has two new girlfriends named Lillie Kate and Hadley! Lillie Kate was born on October 29th and was 5 lbs and 11oz! Hadley was born on November 22, 6 weeks early, weighing 4.5 pounds and 16.5 inches!
Soon to be Mrs. Freeman
Hadley and Lillie Kate

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A lot of "First"....

This past weekend Brinkley experienced a lot of new things! It was the first time she got to go to my home town, the first time she wore shoes(Her Aunt Renee was very disappointed with me lol), the first time I left her overnight, her first Halloween and her first time on an airplane!!!! Wow she's probably exhausted from such a busy busy weekend haha! But with all that being said it was amazing showing her off to family and friends!
While Brinkley was able to visit in Lincolnton on Saturday, Ike and I drove with his brother Kyle to Columbia for the USC vs Tennessee game! It was so much fun and such a delight to see all of our college friends, sorority sisters and his old coaches! We bounced from tailgate to tailgate sharing pictures and catching up! I LOVE Carolina football and am making it an oath to get back to several games a year...I didn't realize how much I missed hearing 2001 and wearing my garnet and black!
When we returned on Sunday to Lincolnton, Brinkley dressed up like a lady bug! She was quite the center of attention minus her Aunt Ashe-leigh's thriller spectacle! Perfect way to celebrate her first Halloween!