Friday, May 4, 2012


Discussions have been brewing for several months about adding on to our house or putting it for sale and moving on to our next "home"!  It's extremely sad because we absolutely LOVE our house but with our latest news we have made the decision...MOVING!  So with chances of bed rest in the future...ORGANIZATION is in the present!  We began yesterday filtering through the garage and setting up pressure cleaners for the house!  So bittersweet!  We are hoping to have our first open house Sunday of Memorial day weekend.
Our HOUSE!!! :(
Our favorite part...the BACKYARD!!!

Probably the first thing out of Ike's mouth when the door closed behind us at the doctors office last Friday was..."Well, we are going to have to get a bigger car!"  Since then all I have heard from EVERYONE is MINIVAN MOM, I am thinking thats one of my two options.  The other being a suburban type vehicle.  I better start cleaning out the Camry now because there's for sure GOLDFISH remnants lingering everywhere.

I have been going over all the needed necessities that I am going to be needing now that we have thrown two into this mix!  Another crib, double/triple stroller, carseat, bouncy seat and so much more.  I will gradually start chipping away at these once we get the house sold!