Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heavner Shower #2 and Assy Birthday

Brinkley was yet blessed again to have a shower in my hometown with friends and family! It's not very often that when Ike and I are home we get the chance to catch up with everyone and this was definitely that opportunity. My sweet Aunt's, cousins, mother, sister and family friend Sherry decorated with the lollipop theme from Brinkley's nursery! It looked like something out of a storybook! Thanks to all the amazing gifts...Ike and I left feeling comfortable that if Brinkley graces our presence early, we have everything we need! This weekend was a full reminder of how spoiled and loved she is going to be! We have been so lucky to have such amazing people surrounding us over the past two years with our wedding and now expecting!
Daddy and Mommy to be at 33 1/2 Weeks!!
Group of Host
The favorite people ever!!!!
My sweet friends!!

Aunt Ashe-leigh also had a pretty exciting weekend! We celebrated her 30th Birthday on Saturday night! She sang, danced, encouraged toast haha and had the time of her life! With it being quite the milestone she was surprised by her sweet husband and is taking off to New York for a weekend! Speaking of!
The Birthday Girl!!!

My luvs!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crofoot Baby Shower #1

Brinkley's first Baby Shower was on August 8th at the Rowley residence in Orlando! The Crofoot's family and friends showered us with gifts and love! The shower was decorated with a blue table of cupcakes and cookies for Coleson's and a pink for Brinkley. It was absolutely adorable and great time spent with everyone!
Kelsey and I showing off the baby bumps!

Missy and Ashe...our wonderful Host!
Showered with Gifts!

My Family came to visit from NC!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kirven Wedding in Charleston

Two weeks ago we spent several days in Charleston for Addy & Jon Kirven's Wedding! It was such an amazing time and the wedding was perfect. I was honored to be apart of the wedding party and be able to stand beside a great friend on the most special day of her life. Along with enjoying the festivities, it was great for Ike and I to get back to a place that holds a very special part of us! We went on our very first date in Charleston about 4 years ago and now we are weeks away from having our first child! Makes us appreciate the little things about our relationship that have led us to this point!

Ike and I at the Wedding
Coleson & Brinkley
Mr. & Mrs. Kirven
Circular Congregational Church

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The completed project!

Ike and I started cleaning out what was his office several months ago when we realized we were expecting. As time went on and the little one was revealed a girl, we began the painting process! Since then we have added crown molding, window treatments, furniture and more! It's been the most exciting way to realize this is all reality. A friend from my home town brought her family to Orlando for vacation and painted some lollipops on the walls, sayings and Candyland theme. It is precious!!! Her Mimi and Aunt Ashe-leigh delivered the bedding this past weekend which completed her haven. Now I can't seem to draw myself out of the nursery. I walk in there to admire her clothes or think of what it's going to be like in several weeks!!! A few last minute touches and it's all done!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This morning we had our 31 week check up with Dr. C. Everything was right on track with weight and my belly growth! I have began questioning him to death about the braxton hicks contractions I am feeling and the actual delivery process...SCARY but he always puts me at ease! My next appointment is at 34 weeks...August 23rd!

We have been waiting patiently to see the 3D images of Brinkley developing! After leaving the doctors office, and breakfast with Ike, we had our 3D appointment! This was better than I ever could have expected. She didn't fully cooperate, but look who her father is...haha just kidding! She had her back turned out and was playing with her hands and feet the whole time. She has chubby little cheeks, what seems to be my nose and daddy's lip area. She continued to press her nose against the inner wall of my belly which would make her look like she had a pig was hysterical! The technician caught several photos of her yawning...and this is the reason I am not sleeping well! She's partying all night in my tummy. On top of all her cute movements, frowns, smiles and yawns, we learned our little Miss Priss probably is going to have a full head of hair, thanks to the 2D sonogram that showed fuzz around her scalp. What a wonderful feeling to see our little girl several weeks away from being in our arms! It's honestly a miracle to watch this whole process blossom over the past 8 months. Saying we are blessed doesn't do justice to this journey that we are closing in on! Only 9 more weeks until this fairytale is really reality!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

and another one bites the dust!!!

We were so excited on Thursday night to add a new member to the family! Over the past year and half I have had the pleasure to get to know Ike's cousin Butchie's girlfriend Myles! They couldn't be a more perfect each other and we adore the thought of having her in Orlando with us! We are so happy for both of them and going to enjoy the wedding festivities for the next 10 months!

Showing off the bling!