Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Giggles!

There is nothing better than GIGGLES!  My dad got Brinkley going at dinner and she couldn't stop!  Too precious! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home of the Shag..NMB!

Last Monday after a full weekend Brinkley and I packed the car and headed to North Myrtle Beach to vacation with my family for Easter week.  I know I said in a previous post that Hope Town holds a very special piece of our heart but so does NMB!  I have grown up vacationing there since I was a little girl and spent my college summers working there!  It's the home of "The Shag" a Carolina dance, the location for our annual family Putt-Putt tournament(which is super competitive) and where Ike and I said our "I do's"!  I get so excited passing by the infamous Painter's Ice Cream, Fat Harold's Beach Club and my favorite restaurant Rossi's!  It was the perfect week to spend time with my niece and nephew and the rest of my family!  Ike flew in town in time to golf with the boys, play on the beach with Brinks and go boating with my Daddy!  Gotta love those Myrtle Beach Day's!!!

Fat Harold's...Home of the Shag

The Winner UGHHH!

The Easter Bunny Came to Visit!

Dying Easter Eggs!

The Easter Bunny brought goodies! 

Mom and Dad with their grandkids! 

Easter Egg Hunt!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Weekend Away!

When you have your first child you measure time by their "FIRST" everything!  You start realizing small things that usually would never matter, have become the BIGGEST deals.  If I take Brinkley with me to get ice cream and its her "FIRST" time in an ice cream shop then we take pictures and make notations about our outing, a little over the top I know.  But it really makes every immaterial moment matter! 
This past weekend was one of those moments.  I spent three nights in Destin celebrating my new cousin to be, Myles Bachelorette Party!  Which meant leaving Ike at home with Brinks for the first time.  Yes, I have left her for a night or two but not solely with Ike.  Although he ended up spending most of his free time at his parents house, he again proved to be such a wonderful father. As if I had any doubts.  And Saturday while I was in between a gorgeous beach day and celebration festivities, Brinkley began grasping her balance while sitting!  This only continued to Sunday where the length of time she could hold the upright position grew!  It was so good to get away and spend time with Myles and my cousins but boy did I miss being apart of those little achievments! 

Soon to be Mrs. excited to welcome Myles into the family!

Brinks sitting up!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laughing Girl!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Brinkley visits Hope Town!

Brinkley and I spent a week at the Bahama house March 28th to April 4th with the whole family...almost...Uncle Johnny wasn't able to join us but with everyone else! The house was a revolving door with some coming and some going but most important Ike's arrival on Friday of that week..he had been on a work trip so we were so excited to see him! It was an amazing week with lots of quality time for Brinkley and Coleson and for us to really enjoy the house! We spent our days jumping from stroller, excersaucer, bouncy, feedings, naps, playtime on the blanket haha... just about the same as at home but with a much more scenic view and family to share it with! Just a perfect week with great weather!
Our Bahama Beauty!

Hope Town holds a special part of Ike and I! On June 21, 2008 Ike proposed about a mile from the Crofoot's house, 12 feet under water! If it wouldn't have been for that then Brinkley wouldn't be in the picture! So we LOVE Hope Town!