Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Weekends

Two weekends ago we celebrated Thomas and Autumn Hooper's wedding in Charleston, South Carolina with a lot of our college friends! It was so nice being back in the Palmetto state and getting to catch up with everyone! This past weekend we flew to South Bend, Indiana to see Ike's family for our cousin Jessica and Cory Luczynski's wedding. We spent most of our time at Nanny's house on Diamond Lake hanging out with the rest of the family! We are so blessed to both have married into such wonderful families!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And she has a name....

BRINKLEY JANE CROFOOT! Ike and I went back and forth with names for months it seems and had narrowed it down to two. We caught ourselves sliding back to Brinkley with every possible family middle name there was! Jane is my mothers middle name, so we are thrilled to be adding a little Heavner to the Crofoot! It's all downhill from here, let the monogramming begin haha!

Just a quick 23 week update....Ike and I went to Dr. C last Friday and everything seemed to be on schedule. He measured my belly and we were able to hear the heartbeat! I have gained about 8 lbs, which shows that my appetite is definitely back compared to the first trimester. It's all flying by so quickly! Our next appointment is scheduled for 27 weeks on July 8th!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend in N.C.

This past weekend we spent visiting my friends & family in North Carolina. It's the first time we have been home with the belly bump and knowing the sex of the baby! It was a nice long weekend of lounging around the pool, lake days and nursery shopping. Ike was even able to make it to Columbia for a golf outing with the boys! Lots of traveling but now home safe and ready to decorate the nursery! WAHOO!!The girls really enjoyed asking questions and making up cheers about "Aunt Fallon's" baby!

Ike and I finally got to enjoy the top of our wedding cake, although a few weeks late. Delicious!