Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrilling Suspense!!!

I knew that today would be electrifying to say the least but I had no idea what I was in store for. I woke up this morning feeling like a five year old on Christmas morning. I even jumped out of bed, which I never! On our way to breakfast my phone was ringing off the hook with sweet messages of encouragement and anticipation from all of our loved ones. I could barely eat my breakfast with Ike and Ashe at Christo's because my adrenaline was rushing. Ohhh but I made sure I got the hot cup of delicious caffeinated coffee down, so that Baby "C" would cooperate during the sonogram. By this point if I had to do hand-stands for a while, I would...just to know today!

When Dr. C began the sonogram I sat there with eagerness of the verdict....the first child....what would be the foundation of little Ikes and little Fallons for years to come! When he told us we lit up with joy!!! He could have said we were having either and the expressions wouldn't have changed. I realized in just a few seconds that this is what love is...seeing a small object on a screen gradually growing in front of your eyes and without even being able to touch or kiss him/her we knew that we loved him/her!

Ike and I have talked about every 30 minutes since we left the doctors office. Making plans, getting excited about telling our friends and family tonight and most of all realizing we are starting our own family. What a heartwarming feeling!

Well we will keep everyone posted and let you know tonight if it's a boy or a girl! We love you all and can't tell you how thankful we are to have such wonderful people to share this with!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Miracle!

Ike and I are so blessed for our new addition to be coming into such amazing families. She/He is already joined by two adorable little cousins, Corbin (8)and Cagney(5). They are so funny when they call daily to give me updates of their preference in the sex of the baby, as if I have any control lol! Cagney even called the other day to say she wanted to come see Minnie Mouse and get that baby out of Aunt Fallon's tummy! Kids do say the most hilarious things.

In the midst of all our excitement, another miracle occurred. Ike's brother Chas and my sister-n-law Kelsey found out they were expecting on February 16th. I figure this is only customary since we got married two months apart to have babies two weeks apart! I don't think it gets better than this, especially since I have someone to go through all the pregnancy changes with. Their due date is October 21st and they find out the sex May 4th! My sweet in-laws are going to be busy!