Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project OVERLOAD!!!!

$10 Table
$10 Mirror 

I have an addiction and I am going to have trouble breaking it!  Not only have I redone my kitchen table and the yard sale trunk but now I am taking down everything I can find!  HELP!  No, I am really having fun!  I bought the mirror and table above at a restore!  The mirror was originally white and looked to be a piece from a bathroom cabinet set!  The table is my newest project for my friends alter table!  I will post pictures after completed!  The green table was originally brown!  I needed to spice it up a bit!  And TODAY'S rainy day project...I did a Moss letter!  I am practicing yet again for her wedding!  These are going on her barn doors at the reception and maybe one on the alter table! I can't get enough and keep digging further and further into these DIY blogs!  I LOVE IT and am totally addicted!!!!

Play Dates, Birthday's and Teeth!

Dinner Night!
Brinkley waited by the door Tuesday night for Coleson and her friend Olivia to come over!  Olivia is 13
Months old and Coleson is 8 Months!  Olivia kept kissing and hugging was precious! It 
was a great way for all the parents to get together for some Shrimp and Grits while the kiddos played!

I See A Tooth!!
Just this past Sunday we noticed Brinkley being really fussy and not content with anything! She was pulling on her left gums! So we pinned her down and took a look for some little white teeth and sure enough there it was!  Not yet breaking the skin but visible!  Oh boy bring on the teething rings! 
Ike's Birthday
Ike celebrated his 27th Birthday on Monday!  We did dinner Sunday night with his family and he got  one of the two things he has really been wanting(the other he got for Father's Day...spoiled)!  So instead of dinner out Monday for his big day...we cooked in and he was able to play with his new GUITAR!  All we need is a drum set and we could make a band in our bedroom!  We have keyboard, ukulele and now guitar...haha!  Well another year down but we really don't get any older!  

Beach Day with Aunt Megan
My bestest from NC was in St. Augustine this week with her boyfriends family and Brinkley and I got to spend the day with her!  We wish she lived closer so we could do this more often!  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something to BRAG about!

So if I actually do have anyone that reads this, you know that I talk A LOT about my child!  It's really the reason I started blogging in the first place.  But there are other things in my life that I could BRAG about and here goes just one of them...I have the CUTEST niece and nephews!

I have always been in love with my sisters two kids because before I had my own, they were mine!  Two completely different personalities but the loves of my life!

Corbin is 9 years old and running for Senator.  He is the most well spoken boy that you could imagine.  He doesn't meet a stranger and will one day be very successful!  He is quiet the little athlete and so much like my Daddy.  He is smart and hilarious... boy is he cute!

Cagney is 6 years old and plans on being a Princess forever!  She is such a good listener, has the best imagination and when she gets comfortable can rule the girls!  Although not really into the dance thing, she is such a girly girl!  She's so cute with her big blue eyes and blonde hair!  She definitely doesn't look like the Heavner's!

And my newest sister-in-laws little one!  I haven't been able to spend as much quality time(One-on-one) with him because Brinkley and him are the same age!  I can only picture in the future Coleson calling me to do cool Auntie things that just aren't quiet as cool with Mom haha!

Coleson is such a handsome little guy!  His HUGE blue eyes and brown, auburn, blonde(it's changed a lot) hair is precious!  He's my sweet one.  He smiles all the time and couldn't get any cuter!  I love living so close because it's like having a girl and a boy!  Depending on gods plan for the gender of our children, he could be my only little football player!  I can't wait till he can say Aunt Fallon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 Months Old and a Happy Father's Day!

We had our 9 Month Check-up yesterday!  The doctor said she seems to be doing great as always and ready for just about anything.  Usually by 9 months you can recognize if a child will have food allergies and no sign so far so we "HOPE" and "THINK" we are in the clear!  Since I updated last about her a lot of things have changed.  She has went from army crawling the last month to up on her knees and really doing it!  She is pulling up on everything in site and into anything in reach.  Which makes for quite busy days!  As always the busier I keep her the better our days go!  She doesn't sit still long, nor like too!  We have dropped down to three bottles a day and food three times a day but could see dropping another bottle soon!  She is just more interested in the real stuff, which I can't blame her!   Brinkley is starting to get full control of her hands and really using her pinchers to pick up EVERYTHING in site!  Bumps and bruises are here to stay haha!  She falls all the time and has started getting used to bumping into things.  I think it helped yesterday with the shots because she didn't even cry!  It was like her saying "Bring in on doc, I have a high pain tolerance!!"  Her expressions kill me and I love to watch with every new thing we do or try!  Her nostrils flare and she shows exactly what she's thinking on her face!

20.2 lbs (75%) and 28 3/4 inches (85%)

Father's Day was wonderful!  I felt like it was Christmas because I was so excited to give Ike his presents from Brinkley!  We did a small scavenger hunt before church, where he found all his goodies!  The last one being his TaylorMade Driver that he's been wanting since it came out!  He was thrilled and throughout the day showed it off to everyone!  Brinkley did a real good!  We spent time around the Crofoot's house that afternoon with the family and then went to pasta night at their clubhouse that evening!  It couldn't have been a more perfect day!

Ike is such a wonderful father and husband!  He shocks me day in and out at how much he loves her!  It's precious!  It makes it really easy to think about more little ones in the future!  We are such a team and really enjoying parenting together!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video Updates!!!


Last night we went to Publix(our local grocery store) browsing for dinner!  We ended up hitting a home run and would love to share!

We bought two tilapia fillets and the lemon herb finishing sauce(publix brand)!  When we got home I put a small bit of olive oil on the fillets and then dipped them in Panko batter mixed with creole seasoning, salt and pepper!  I put them in the oven at 450 degrees for 5-6 minutes on each side!

I warmed the finishing sauce in a small pan while cooking a small portion of butter linguini!  I put some of the sauce in the pasta and then topped the tilapia with the same sauce!  It was the BEST dinner EVER!  Ike and I both cleaned out plates!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Hobby!

I have been in the redecorating mood lately so I started with my kitchen table last week!  It was given to Ike and I when we moved in our house by a family friend!  It was great wood but needed to be refinished, so instead I antiqued it and the legs of my chairs! Then added new knobs to the drawers!  All I need now is a bench for the front!


Knob Before
Knob After

So with my first antiquing project behind me and a push to continue the fun, I went garage sale shopping on Saturday with Ike.  The first stop we found a pine trunk with the receipt still in it from 2001.  The owner originally paid $426.00!  I bought it for $20.00 and took in to my sister-in-law Kelsey's house and we had an antiquing day with the kiddo's!  She took on the large project of redoing all of her kitchen cabinets while I played with my trunk!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Getaway!

For Ike's anniversary present I planned a night to St. Augustine to the AIR SHOW!  Anyone that knows him well, knows he is obsessed with planes, jets, etc!  We had an awesome time!  We went to dinner and out that evening to hear an 80's cover band!!!  LOVED IT!  We really enjoyed spending time together,  but we sure missed our little girl! She spent the day with Aunt Kelsey and night with her Grandparents.  The next day when we went to pick her up and we were fighting over who was going to hold her first!!

Family Time!

You can see that although I live eight hours from my parents, I see them a ton!  Here are some photo recaps from our week together!

The Happy Heavner's

Our Sunday Fun Day at the Crofoot's and Uncle Kyle's Graduation!!!

Uncle Kyle Graduated!!!!!!