Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life with a 16 Month Old!

It's been several months since I have updated about Brinkley and so much has changed.  Her means of communication with Ike and I has really blossomed over the past few weeks.  She's either speaking what she wants or can at least point to it.  You can tell her its time to eat and she walks over, sits in her high-chair (which is on the ground) and says, "BITE"!  It is so precious! Brinkley is still loving bath time and playing outside.  She has also learned the beginning of the Barney I love you song and I can't get enough.  Her mouthful of teeth are so funny when she smiles and her fine STRAIGHT hair finally will blow in the wind.  She's growing up so fast that I would love to freeze our time right now.

As for Ike and I we are great!  He's been really busy with work but still loving his job.  I had a little sinus surgery so my mother came down to help out for a two weeks.  She did our laundry, made lunches and got up with Brinkley every really spoiled us!!!  I am all recovered.  I just had some nasal polyps and extra tissue removed to help with my allergies.  Lets pray it works.  Other than that our busy traveling time won't start until the end of February so we are enjoying our time at home and together!  


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